Being on the spiritual journey and flourishing financially at the same time can be problematic. People will eagerly fork over wads of cash for tiny purses, weird artwork, expensive cars and more, but offer them a legitimate and powerful healing blessing, and ask money for it, it’s like you suggested that they mortgage their house to buy a taco. Likewise, you can say, “Well, you can spend a week in the hospital and generate $100,000 worth of medical bills, or you can come to me for spiritual treatment for a month, feel better, spend an infinitesimal fraction of the above figure and no one will use anything sharp on you…” And they don’t have to say it out loud for you to hear it, but…

“Yeah but I trust doctors.”

Hard mindset to overcome, until they come to you for a headache, it goes away instantly, and they think,

“Huh. That really works.”

or as likely…

“Huh. That aspirin I took 6 hours ago finally kicked in.”

People are funny.

But if there’s something concrete in it for them, something they can lay their hands on, then you have possibility.

In endeavoring to amend not only my spiritual practice and journey, but to pay bills and keep the lights on, I am often on the lookout for something on-line that I can do from home if possible. I worked at Fedex for years, and lots of other jobs before that, and I ready for more than a job, I’m ready for a way to serve and offer healing and have,

As quoted by Diana Gabaldon in Claire’s discussion with the formidable Mother Hildegarde in the novel, “Dragonfly in Amber.”

It has stuck with me.

And there’s the rub. By this time so many thousands and thousands of MLM, pyramid, and get-rich-quick “programs” have been circulating around the internet that most people simply turn off even a truly viable program like this one. They’ve been burned and badly, or know someone that has. Some people have made some tidy fortunes as well.

“That sounds like a lot of work. The people at the top will make money and no one else. I don’t have time.” Yada Yada Yada.

The business model will gain traction, it’s out of beta testing now and officially launched, so it will really gel and move when it gets full public viewing. These good people have worked very very hard to get the program this far, and there have been some bugs, yes. There always are. The problem, again, is people themselves. Humans are so hardwired to complain, gripe and kvetch about anything, to bring fear and pessimism along with them, that the very beings that are in place to benefit, and to find a niche of true giving and serving, are the ones that can derail it.

Solutions? I had some good soul guidance this morning that said,

“Love really is the answer. Love melts blockages and transforms life.”

I remember a study that was done some years ago, regarding the tips that food and beverage servers receive. Apparently the attitude of the server made as much or more difference in tipping than anything else, including the food. One young woman who made a significant 25% more in gratuities than her workmates said,

“Before I ever get to the table, I look at each person there and say in my mind, “I like you.” And mean it.”

Just that, nothing more.

We telegraph who we are and what our intention is a long time before we arrive. Have you ever had that day when no one smiles at you, every other car makes some hostile maneuver, every inanimate object you lay hands on defies you? You think to yourself, “What’s wrong with everyone?” Well it’s not them, it’s you. If we wake up in some dark mood, it can color the whole day. Likewise, if we are presenting a business model that we secretly doubt, if we’re hesitant to show it to a friend or family member because we’re afraid they’ll be angry with us if the business should fail, what energy and frequency is beaming out in front of us?

Why not? It’s all a grand adventure.

It takes some vision, and some faith to see over and around the haters and naysayers, and there are plenty of those to go around. Not only with business, but in all areas of life. What does it cost to offer love to these beings too? My spiritual teacher tells us,

“All souls want love, and want to love, even if they don’t know it. All souls want to serve.”

That’s a pretty big statement, but I believe it. When we are authentic, we can appeal to that need within the heart of all beings to love, be loved and to serve.

If you are interested in hearing more, I invite you to come and see the vision of global philanthropy, 2020 style. I welcome your message on FB. Likewise, ask about spiritual and energetic healing.

Kristin Strachan



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