“Blessings to you, this is Guan Yin. Do you think it odd that I should teach about a Christmas story? It’s not. Karma is karma, no matter what corner of the earth one might dwell, or what beliefs one might have. Karma is a Sanskrit word that simply means action.

Charles Dickens may not have intended his little Christmas story to become the widespread holiday watching event that it is, but I think we can be glad that it has. For a world that misunderstands and denies karma, it is a story that can resonate with anyone. And it truly is about karma, sometimes brutal in its depiction. Dickens lived in a time when daily life was a constant desperate struggle for survival.

In the early part of the story, Ebenezer Scrooge meets with the ghost of his business partner, who is trying to get across to him what lies in store.


Almost every scene contains a true teaching about how the actions, or lack of action, of any being affects the lives of the beings around them.

Ghost of the past:

Ghost of the present:

Ghost of the future:

This story is all of humanity either in the microcosm or the macrocosm.

It is vital also to move the human perspective from victim-hood and grievance to a real forgiveness process. Do you think all your lifetimes were flowers and sunlight? Good deeds and kindness? Probably not. Come to understand that you and your ancestors have caused enormous harm and suffering throughout hundreds or thousands of lifetimes, even this lifetime. Acknowledge the suffering of others and ask forgiveness with a sincere heart. Forgive all souls. That is the beginning.

That is all. I love you.”

Flowed through Kristin Strachan. Guan Yin Lineage holder, teacher, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, spiritual practitioner in Colorado.




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