Healing will be the new currency on earth

Kristin Strachan
3 min readFeb 24


T​he world is picking up speed in its unraveling. Humans have brought it on ourselves and have accrued such vast amounts of dark karma that we have reached and passed a very sobering tipping point. Probably passed it decades ago. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want to know the depths of harmful behaviors that are taking place on this planet, egregious hurts to each other, the animals, the natural world, the almost complete lack of awareness and compassion.

W​hat happened to us? Just when you think humanity may have turned the corner, you take a cautious peek at the news and the levels of rage, greed, racism and violence take your breath away.

T​he level of consciousness of humans on earth actually appears to be devolving, as the old era passes, and the new age of light comes into view. If chaos is necessary for change, then we seem to be in for it.


T​he good news is, that it is possible to pass this astounding period of time, and into the new age, not just to survive, but to thrive. Service is the key. Even if you are not an enlightened being, you can reach out to assist others to be happier and healthier, touch a child or an animal to show love, uncover your own light. It’s in there, maybe covered a bit, but there.


W​atching the recent pandemic and its repercussions, we see that when one infrastructure of any kind goes down, it takes others with it. As Mother Earth’s transition accelerates, we may well see the end of financial institutions, power grid, agriculture as we know it, even, gasp, the internet. What will you do if all that goes away? Who will you be without money? A car? Abundant food, heat and cool at a touch? Do you see yourself able to provide even basic sustenance for yourself and your family? What will the currency be?

W​hen people are sick, frightened, cold, hungry, lonely, what do they want? People want that pain to stop, they want healing.

A​nyone that is able to offer true spiritual, authentic, energetic healing will be sought after, and will be wealthy in the way wealth will count in the evolving world.


I​t is wrong to say that no one is awake, according to those who can see, roughly 85% of the world’s humans are soundly spiritually asleep, just cranking out one karmic life after another. That leaves 15% of souls who are doing all they can to serve, to teach, to heal and to wake and wake others.

M​aster Zhi Gang Sha is one of those, and we his students endeavor to follow his lead. He is an enlightened and great soul who has many miracles to show for his service and great sacrifice. Like Jesus did, he teaches others to do what he does, and gives all of himself freely and unconditionally. All he wants to do is to help and heal humanity, to save as many as possible as we going through the karmic convulsions of Mother Earth.

M​aster Sha offers huge services to bring wholeness, some free, some not. Tao Water alone is a high dimension blessed water that can transform just about anything. Why not try? Unbelievably affordable. From his own bottomless generosity, he offers this blessed water at a fraction of its worth.

A student of this teacher can become a Tao Hands Healer, a Tao Calligraphy practitioner, a Kuan Yin Lineage holder and more.

Master Sha is creating a great network of light, healing, compassion, and love that even now surrounds and embraces the earth and her inhabitants. He asks nothing but that we serve one another.

I​t can only be a blessing to you if you come and have a look.


K​ristin Strachan, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, teacher and spiritual practitioner in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I am blessed past comprehension. Thank you my spiritual father, Master Sha.

H​ere is a listing of part of what is available from Master Sha right now. The body of his work is so large, this is a sampling.