“The cause of all success and all failure in all aspects of life is karma.”

“If you’re really a mean person you’re going to come back as a fly and eat poop.”

Kurt Cobain

“Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace to all life.”

”Dear all Divine beings, Holy ones and beings of Light anywhere and anywhere, all beloved ones who walk with me and bless my journey. Dear my Yuan Shen, my Shi Shen and all souls that make up the entirety of my being.

Dear all souls in all universes, all lifetimes, all souls in Heaven, all souls in Hell, all souls in all infinity and all eternity,

I love you, bless you and honor you all, and bow down before you. Beloved, I am sorry with all my heart and soul for all harm, pain, suffering and unhappiness, and negative service that I have caused you or offered you in this and all lifetimes, or that my ancestors and descendants have caused you.

I apologize with all my being for all loss, tears, grief and anguish, for all oppression and injustice, impoverishment and want, for all cold, dark, hunger, rage, fear, violence, hopelessness and despair, depression and anxiety that I have caused you, that we have caused you. I am deeply sorry for ever having turned to the dark side to serve it, and for the harm that came from that wrong choice.

I am sorry for all physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, psychic, material, financial, institutional, governmental, religious, educational, relationship, sexual and soul journey harm that I have caused you, that we have caused you in all lifetimes, and I ask your forgiveness.

Dear all Divine beings, I am sorry most sincerely for all disavowal, disrespect, disobedience, unconsciousness, sleep state, spiritual laziness, blame, hatred, doubt, lack of faith, accusation, falsehood and betrayal that I have ever offered you or caused you, that we have caused you.

Dear all souls, I am sorry with my heart for all torture, agony, bondage, use of handcuffs, manacles, ropes, wires, whips and chains, iron bars, cells, pens or cages with which we have caused you pain and suffering. I am deeply sorry for all suffering that I have caused any animal in this and all lifetimes.

I am sorry for causing the death of any soul in any lifetime.

With my heart I ask your forgiveness, not because what we did to you is forgivable or excusable, but that you might be free and have peace. I bless that you might be released from the harm, darkness and ongoing negative karma that comes when we do not forgive that original harm. That suffering is bound tightly to us until we forgive and release it. Please forgive and release us so that your souls might soar free to their highest possibility of love and liberty, joy, beauty and Divine potentiality, oneness, Light.

I ask the Divine to please fill all those spaces created by forgiveness with its perfect love, light and living presence, to prevent the return of those darknesses, and prevent new ones.

I offer myself in unconditional Divine Service, to The Tao, to my teacher, to the Mother Earth planet and her inhabitants.

We have learned our lessons and will do everything in our power to not repeat those mistakes.

Beloved, I forgive all souls that have hurt or harmed me and my ancestors and descendants (on their behalf) in this and all lifetimes, unconditionally, with joy and deep relief. Please accept our heartfelt forgiveness, and let us all go forth together on this great journey of Light.

thank you thank you thank you all, love you love you love you all.”




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Kristin Strachan

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