Kuan Yin Speaks. A personal experience with the sneaky nature of karma.

Kristin Strachan
3 min readMar 30, 2023

“Good morning! This is Kuan Yin. Today the teaching will come from the perspective of the being through whom these writings express.

“I am currently in a gathering of like minded individuals on a beautiful path together. Doesn’t that sound lovely? And it is in so many ways. It is inspiring, enlightening, nourishing.

This is also where karmic blockages stand up and wave their arms, flinging darkness around in relationships, health, electronic devices, perceptions.

There is the crucible of roommates, often with people you don’t know, at the outer level anyway. Seat mates, old acquaintances, the continuous battle with thoughts and emotions.

I think perceptions are the big rock on the road, what we are experiencing on the inside might not have much authentic connection to what is really taking place. Leading with love melts those blockages.

No matter what we do, karmic blockages come up. They are disguised in so many subtle and realistic ways,

“But he really is wrong! How could she do that? What did I ever do to deserve this criticism and unfairness?”

On and on. If we are aware we can maybe catch ourselves in the midst of self justification and anger and say,

“Yikes! Was that me feeling those dark thoughts and saying those dark things?”

Well, no. Not your true self. There is great value in stopping in mid-squawk and saying

“Wait wait wait! Stop. Let’s sit down and do a forgiveness practice right now and clear this.”

Ego doesn’t like that and will continue to argue. Persist. Even if the person or situation doesn’t align with you it doesn’t matter. Your reaction and action is what matters.

The dark clouds part at least for a while and clarity and stillness will be present.

I will do my best to hang on to that and be super aware of the next sneak attack. I give deep thanks to my spiritual teacher who has made all this possible.”

Kuan Yin returns. This is where the rubber meets the road, as the saying goes. It’s easy enough to say,

“Oh yes! I can show love and compassion to all souls unconditionally, love all beings the same, take everything with calm acceptance.”

Until you don’t.

God knows which tender spots to poke you in. God maybe looks and sees where you feel self satisfied or complacent in your practice and relationships and fires a shot across the bow. Pay attention to that warning shot, if you keep doing a negative thing you might be in line for a Divine shaking.

If you can’t deal with a little relationship karma, showing compassion, love, and acceptance, what are you going to do when confronted with big darkness? Child rapists, torturers? War mongers? Factory farming?

These lessons are not to hurt you but to help you. Practice on the “little stuff “ so that when you are confronted with big darkness on your service journey you can treat it all the same, to observe with compassion and love.

Can you begin to see your hearts as they truly are? A vast unlimited field of consciousness and light, wisdom, Love, and power? See this sacred center like a portal that takes up the entire

center of your being, through which everything just pours. All people, events, landscapes, planets, stars and universes just passing through in stately silence and serenity.

As the saying goes,

“It has come…to pass.”

Every thought and every emotion are hooks that snag that flow and create blockages until it is a clogged artery that will eventually block and stop the heart.

With every moment of your life experience see that open, unjudged and unjudging open portal shining with light and flowing freely. Condemn nothing, hold nothing.

That is sanity. Wholeness. That is holding your face up to God in surrender and trust.

That is all. My abundant and joyous love to you all.”

Expressed through Kristin Strachan. Kuan yin lineage holder, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, teacher and spiritual practitioner in Colorado. I am profoundly blessed.