Kuan Yin Speaks. Can you be like a bird head?

It is an interesting quality of birds, that they can hold their heads absolutely still while their body moves around in different ways. This is to enable the bird to keeps its eyes riveted in an unmoving way on whatever it is concentrating on, a prey, a danger, food.

gaze stabilization.

First, let’s do a practice.

Become still, sit in whatever position is comfortable for you when you meditate or do other spiritual practice.

Breathe deeply and bring your mind to your lower abdomen, allow it to rest, assure your mind it is safe to be still for a while. See your mind there at the first chakra level, filled with light, healed, quiet.

Now go to your heart, and start pulling light from 360 degrees, call light from Heaven, from the Source, from all universes, from the mother earth. Breathe this light in to your heart for 10 mindful breaths, or until you truly perceive that the center of your being is radiant with light. Continue to breathe, and see the edges of your heart universe spreading out to all universes, encompassing all planets and stars, all worlds. Rest suspended in this vast spaciousness with its view of Heaven, of Mother Earth, of your own inner universe of body heart mind soul and being. There is no sound, no up or down, no individuality, no movement. All is spacious stillness.

Rest there, for as long as you can. Call this gaze stability. Rest in the great peace and confidence of this space, unshakable and pure. Here is the truest freedom.

As you bring your awareness back to your mortal experience, hold that stillness, like the bird. Can you imagine what your life might be if you were able to hold this heart space of stillness and awareness no matter how your outer world moved and shook?

“With my heart of light, how may I serve this person? How may I bless and harmonize this situation?”

This is a place past humility, as there is no “you” there, there is only the great infinite “I am”, of which you are an intrinsic part.



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