Kuan Yin Speaks. Every heartbeat is an emanation of Light.

Kristin Strachan
3 min readAug 11, 2022

Good morning. This is Kuan Yin.

One reason that meditators often use the breath to center and quiet themselves is that it is something that has to happen regularly, without your assistance. It is the same with the heart. As long as you are a living entity on this planet, your heart beats. It is a miracle of engineering, this muscle that just keeps on flooding your body with life giving blood, oxygen, and nutrients until it is time for you to go.


Of course the heart is much more than that. In Buddhist teaching and the teachings of Master Sha, the heart is the house for the mind and the soul, the great core and center of all beings. Everything has a heart, as everything has a soul. My vision of the heart is an unlimited field of sentient light, radiant with the infinite potentiality and truest love of the Source itself. Can you for a moment close your eyes and see this?

You must get out of your minds now. The mind is a tool, as we have discussed before, it can be a servant and a blessing if properly harnessed. Left to its own devices the mind is a toxic runaway train, creating havoc and damage wherever it is allowed to go. What we want to do is spend so little time there that it acquiesces to our intention, and comes into activity only when needed. You can’t hurt the feelings of the mind, it doesn’t have any. The mortal ego mind is a delusional construct of mortal experience, and therefore, it is transformable.


So if someone says,

“You’re out of your mind!”


“Why, thank you! I’ve been working on that.”

The trouble with getting out of your head is that you have most likely spent most of your life there, and it feels like home, control central. The brain is not the mind. Our brain also is a handy organ, and you need it here on earth, but your mind resides elsewhere. Your attention is in the brain. Big difference.


Your physical heart is already an electrical device, so we can expand on that and call it a light being. To center your awareness in the heart, close your eyes and feel your heart beating. See that with every beat there is an emanation of light, pulsations of energy and frequency. That alone should be beautiful and fascinating enough to encourage your staying there. With every moment that you are able to attain silent, present moment awareness, listen for your heartbeat, feel the living soul of your heart. This can be a time to cultivate true humility, you are truly in the presence of the Infinite Divine Beloved. Right there in your chest.

I say that the heart has no words, but it does have a mouth, through which the music of the spheres may pour. The heart has eyes as well. Not human eyes, but portals of heartrending tenderness and wisdom. See and sing with your heart. As I have said before, why would you want to be anywhere else?


If you can see with your heart eyes, you will begin to see through the one dimensional world of the mortal experience, to the spiritual reality that is right on the other side.

Combine this practice with your meditation and stillness practice. There are no thoughts in the heart, and if you can stay there, stillness will come much more easily.


Try this practice, any time anywhere.

“I let go and let Tao do it’s perfect work through me, as me, in silence.

I am the flowing river of Divine Light.”


Then seek out your illuminated heartbeat. Just be there, no words. Here is the place of peace and power, manifestation and healing. In stillness and heart awareness you are aligned with the Tao, with the Source. What more could you want?

That is all. I love you.

This teaching was expressed through Kristin Strachan, Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, teacher, and spiritual practitioner in Colorado. I am very blessed to be a student of Master Zhi Gang Sha.