Kuan Yin Speaks. Excavating the heart, your unknown country.

Kristin Strachan
4 min readJan 14, 2023

“​Good morning! This is Kuan Yin.

O​f all the adventurous explorations possible in the world, the heart is maybe the most wonderful. Your authentic heart is in truth a great energy field of light and consciousness, brimming with wisdom and the truest love.

A​lways give thanks and love to your physical heart, which keeps you here and alive. Imagine the millions of beats that it does in a lifetime, each one pulsing life giving blood and oxygen to the body. It is a miracle of engineering and service.


S​ee your heart as Ali Baba’s cave, stacked with chests of gold and jewels, dripping with liquid light, radiant with spiritual wealth.

K​now though, there is more to be mined in the heart than the goodies.


I​f you believe in previous lives and action/reaction known as karma, then read on. If not this may not be for you. Consider it though, it answers a LOT of questions.

T​he being through whom these teachings express has a body of ancestral souls that have generated a large amount of negative karma. These ancestral souls, of which she may have been one, held and misused power and money for generations upon generations. All that callous disregard and oppression have come down the line, so to speak, and have caused service life, soul journey and financial blockages in the current life of this being. Consider that possibly hundreds or more souls that were deeply harmed by these actions hold a grudge and want restitution or outright revenge for their suffering. They do not see that they would be liberated by letting all that go, they want payment.

Y​ou might be a truly wonderful person in this life, generous, kind and loving. You might say, why am I so blocked in so many ways? Well, you might have lifetimes when you didn’t behave so well, and committed dark unconsciousness driven acts. Possibly many. You can receive akashic record readings from qualified people to find out, if you feel the need.


T​his karma is referred to by the teacher Master Sha, as Shen Qi Jing blockages, or soul, mind, and body blockages. The terminology all leads to the same end though, events in this or other lifetimes can block you now. Wherever you experience pain, dis-ease, financial and relationship difficulties, these are the ways you have harmed others, or that your predecessors did.

T​hese blockages often lodge in the heart, which is infinitely more than the organ that pumps blood. The heart is what is called the message center, the karma center, that which houses the mind and the soul. Don’t be afraid to go in there and have a look. There are possibly veins and pockets of ancient karmic darkness, compacted, solid, effectively barricading the heart from expressing its true nature.


T​hink of yourself as a miner of ore. Call upon a Light being that you align with to go in there with you. Ask a blessing of protection from God/Tao/Source, put on your hard hat and head lamp and explore this unknown country. Bring along a pick ax. It is not difficult, though it is important to go in with the understanding that you do not even know that you are experiencing blockages in certain areas your life. The darkness wants you to skim right over that whole truly perceiving yourself part, and just go whistling on your way.

B​ring your awareness down from your head, where it likes to live, to the heart area. Physically feel this movement, feel the warmth and beating of your heart, open your inner eyes, and go in. If you find it helpful, chant a mantra that vibrates the heart,


will do it.

Be brave. Search out one of those black spots and look at it. What does it signify?
Is it your relationship with your mother? Massive financial debt? A worrisome illness? Ask it what it is. Be patient, listen with compassion. You might see some disturbing imagery, or hear weeping or cries of suffering and anger. It is their right to speak, finally. Now offer sincere love and apology to it. Forgive all souls unconditionally. For action, think of your pick ax as a light tool of love, swing it high, bring it down with authority on that hard block. It might take a while, it’s your journey, be thorough.

C​an you see the rock of consequence start to fly apart? See it transforming to light, to rising flowers, to fading mist. Ask the Light being that accompanies you to fill that space with light, to prevent the return of any darkness, and to prevent new ones. If appropriate to you, bow your head and give deep and true gratitude for the process.


R​eturn to the entrance of your heart cave, give deep gratitude and love to your heart, and come back to outer awareness. This practice cannot help but bring more light to your experience. There are beings of higher consciousness on this planet who are able to offer blessings for the heart, be sure you are dealing with authentic beings. See note below.

D​o this often, it feels good, and does good.

T​hat is all. I love you.”


These teachings are expressed through Kristin Strachan. Guan Yin Lineage holder, teacher, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, spiritual practitioner in Colorado. I am blessed past comprehension.

P​S, Master Zhi Gang Sha is one of those high level authentic beings who has Divine authority to offer light blessings. I encourage all to go to the website and have a look.