Kuan Yin Speaks. “I am not afraid, I was born to do this.” Joan of Arc

Kristin Strachan
3 min readJan 24, 2023


“​Good morning! This is Kuan Yin. This is part one of what may be a further exploration of what a Divine warrior might look like.


I​t is hard to imagine the strength, tenacity and courage of this powerful young woman. Born in 1421 in France, she was 19 when she was burned at the stake for witchcraft and heresy. Betrayed by those she had so ably assisted, she died holding a crucifix aloft, staunch to the end in her faith in God.


F​or the day, it is noteworthy that she was able to rise as a leader of men, riding and fighting in battle, wearing men’s clothing and always avowing her communications with God and the saints.

S​he was fearless. She knew who she was, and what her purpose on earth was. She held her sword of truth high, and never wavered. Who among us can achieve such a thing? She was a shining example of what is possible when called upon by Spirit.

M​aster Sha has quoted often,

“​Difficult times create heroes.”


T​he mother Earth planet is in as difficult times as can be imagined, and many more challenges are coming. Heroes are emerging, in small ways and large ways.

B​eing a hero is not necessarily a happy experience, much must be laid aside to bring that hero spirit fully into being. That being with a hero spirit must shed everyday concerns, relationships, comforts, beliefs, and above all fear. Dropped like an old coat to step into the fullness of their role.


W​hat comes to your mind when the word “Hero” comes into your awareness?


T​here are plenty of them in films and books, those who step in and save the day, shielding the weak and defenseless. Protectors, warriors, those noble of spirit who throw themselves in the path of harm to be an armor to others.

T​here are plenty of quiet ones though, who serve and pray silently, without asking recognition. Nurses, sitting through the night with a dying patient who would have no one otherwise. The fireman, spending hours extracting trapped kittens from a storm drain. A neighbor, summoning courage to report an abused child.

I​t takes a hero spirit to relinquish all wrong thinking, indifference and inertia to come forward into the light.

T​imes have come now when the hero role will be forced on many, and many are already there.

W​hich one do you think you are?

W​hat can you imagine in your wild heart that will be your Hero self?

I​n observing mankind, it is my vision that most humans have that hero spirit somewhere inside. When things go awry, people fling themselves into the moment, lifting cars, diving into flaming buildings, applying tourniquets, embracing a weeping child. The urge is there, even in beings who don’t think so. Let’s find that in ourselves and fan that flame to encompass a more intentional and powerful heroism.


T​here are many ways to do this, explore the pathways of the higher callings of healers, animal lovers, volunteerism, philanthropy, even seeking to bring a higher energy to governing.


J​ean D’arc, as she is known in the French language, is a canonized Catholic saint, her name cleared by persistent efforts by her mother, in 1456. She was declared a martyr, one who gave her life in the name of Christ.

S​he is held by millions as what a pure hero heart looks like.

I​t is a heart to aspire to.

T​hat is all. I love you.”


These teachings are expressed through Kristin Strachan, who occasionally offers editorial contribution. Guan Yin Lineage holder, teacher, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, spiritual practitioner in Colorado. I am blessed past comprehension.

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