Kuan Yin Speaks. Light as solvent

Kristin Strachan
4 min readNov 3, 2022

“​Good morning! This is Kuan Yin.

“​There is nothing so vile that it cannot be made beautiful with sufficient light shined upon it.”


T​he being through whom these teachings flow will share a story about light.


“​Eleven years ago I was brought into the teachings of the Master Teacher, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, and began to attend retreats with like-minded persons and students of healing arts and practices.

I​ attended a 2nd retreat that was held in an amazing mountain setting in Estes Park in 2012. (pretty sure, dates are not my strong point :) These events were very intensive and strenuous, involving long hours of teaching and practices. We didn’t realize then of course, how greatly blessed we were to attend retreat with Master Sha in person! Due to covid that became impossible, but hopefully we can experience that great honor again.

S​omewhere about halfway through the 7 day retreat I had a life changing experience. There were many Master Sha created Tao Calligraphies hung on stands all around the stage, and even though I didn’t have very open spiritual channels at that time even I could feel the energy and frequency of them. I believe it was Master teacher Peter Hudoba that was offering a teaching at that time, with some other people on stage assisting. As I gazed at the stage I felt a shift and suddenly the Calligraphies all lighted up like someone had flipped a big switch somewhere. I could see with my physical eyes a great, white gold light shining out of them that felt eager, sentient, filled with intention and intelligence. The black characters danced and moved. The people on the stage were also surrounded and filled with this living light.

It was so powerful that I​ gasped and grabbed the leg of the person sitting next to me. Fortunately she was a friend. She said,

“​Having a light experience?”

I think she was having an event of some kind herself.

I​ could only nod and soak it in as long as I could.

I​t has never happened again, at least with that intensity, and I value and treasure those moments greatly. Even if I never experience that again in this life it doesn’t matter, I have seen with my own eyes the hint of the reality of Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy. I am deeply and eternally grateful.”


A​t the earth plane level, the power and intelligence of light is not well understood by most. There is light, and then there is Light. The light from the sun is powerful and beautiful yes, it is said that the light that emanates from the Buddha of Light, Ah Mi Tuo Fo is millions of times brighter and alive. This can be difficult to imagine or comprehend, let it be that there are different layers and frequencies of light.

A​t any level of spiritual development however, it is possible to access Divine Light, even in a “small” way.

L​et us do a light practice.

U​sing Master Sha’s “say hello” greeting, with which we can connect with and bless any soul, we say,


“​Dear the soul of the Light of the Source, I love you, bless you, honor you, appreciate you. Will you please come and be present with me for this Light practice to transform a situation? I am so thankful.


S​how your gratitude in whatever way is appropriate to you.


Close your eyes. N​ow, bring to your mind a seeming problem. Anything will do, a pain, a sickness, a troubled relationship, a financial blockage, whatever. See an image of that problem, and hold it in your hands. See it clearly, perceive any details. It is important to acknowledge a thing that has come to help you learn a lesson of some kind. Think what that lesson might be.

T​hen invite the Light to come into your hands and completely surround and infuse that issue with its radiance. Like the scene described above, see the Light as intelligent, alive, and powerful, filled with the Love of the Source. Just continue to pour Light until you see the difficulty so filled with luminosity that it starts to disappear. Release it to Heaven. See the space that was created by the departure of that negativity fill in with Light. Give thanks.

Y​ou can make this a quick practice also, when anything comes into your experience that seems to knock you off center, hold it for a moment in your hands of Light, and let it go. Always replace it with some positive loving essence. You can always ask for help with this, invoke whatever you love and align with, and request assistance in filling that space with Light.


W​ith practice you become more and more the essence of this light, as darkness is transformed. Try not to agree with darkness and error, that makes everything take longer, and time is short on Mother Earth.

T​hat is all,

I​ love you.”


This teaching was expressed through Kristin Strachan, Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, teacher, and spiritual practitioner in Colorado. I am very blessed.