“Hello! This is Kuan Yin.

Much has been said and taught about,

“All is one! There is no separation. One life is all life.”


All true, but grasping that truth in a meaningful way is a different tale.

There was a very interesting movie some years ago, called


At the end of the movie, the main female character walks out of an establishment, and encounters other beings, all of whom are….her. She recognizes each one as herself, all emanations of the one infinite mind, life and being.

Humans think they know what reality is, but it is all looking at a projected movie, everything you see is the thinnest tissue of dream stuff. True spiritual reality is a vast and unfathomable field of energy and light, coming together in temporary form, and then dissipating back to Source, One.

The teacher, Master Sha, tells us of normal and reverse creation. There is Tao, the one. One creates two, two creates three, three creates Wan Wu, or all things. Wan Wu returns to three, three returns to two, two returns to one, the Tao. Ebb and flow, expansion and contraction, the great beating heart of the Tao.


How does this relate to other?


The first step is to say, if I hurt or harm another, I am causing myself pain. This sounds good on the surface,

“Oh, I get it, the finger points back at me.”


But it’s so much bigger than that! Every mindless act of cruelty or indifference, however small, resonates out through all universes. This condenses to one stark phrase,


Of course, it goes the other way too, there is great comfort and truth in knowing that truly no blessing or act of love is ever wasted or unacknowledged. This kind of energy and light radiate out in all directions.

The dream experience suggests that we live alone and separate, the waking brings us to know that we never were.


God is not “up there” or “down there” or “over there”. The living life and presence of the Infinite Divine Beloved truly is everywhere present, knows everything, and is all powerful. There are no words in it, only the eternal potentiality and totality of all.


There is a saying,

“We are far from Tao, but Tao is never far from us.”

This is the statement of realization and waking up.


Call it God, Tao, Kong, Divine…it doesn’t matter. It is what you walk through, it is what you breathe, and all is known. Every thought, every action, every word.


“There is nothing so ugly that it does not become beautiful with enough light shined upon it.”

That is all. I love you.”


This teaching was expressed through Kristin Strachan, Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, and spiritual practitioner in Colorado. She is deeply honored and thankful.




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Kristin Strachan

Kristin Strachan

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