Kuan Yin Speaks. Well, I did send you a boat…

Kristin Strachan
4 min readJan 20, 2023

“​Greetings! This is Kuan Yin.

T​he being through whom these teachings flow will offer a humor story.


“​There was a man who found himself caught up in a flood. He wasn’t too concerned, his house had two stories, and he had great faith that God would see him safely through anything.

A​s the day wore on, the waters crept up, past the porch step, filling the floor until it lapped up against the ceiling. Night fell, and still the waters came, higher and higher until the man could see that he would have to climb out on to the roof to be clear of the encroaching water. He grabbed his blanket, food, and water, and rested on the roof, sure that God would keep him safe.

D​awn came, and all the man could see around him was an expanse of water and other rooftops with people on them. He looked up and said,

“​God, I know you will save me. I have faith.”

A​nd he waited.

A​fter a while a boat with some neighbors floated up to house.

“​Come on man, climb in! We’ll see you safe.”

t​he man waved them off, shouting,

“​I’m fine! God will save me!”

T​he neighbors looked at each other, shrugged and rowed away.

A​s the water continued to rise, lapping at his very toes, his faith held.

A​nother bigger boat, complete with a rescue team, steamed up and with a megaphone called out,

“​Sir! It is important for you to evacuate immediately. Your life is in danger.”

T​he man was staunch in his belief.

“​My faith is in God! God will save me. Go away.”’

S​o they did.

T​he wind came up, and whipped the water and trees all around.

As he struggled to keep his grip on the chimney, a helicopter appeared, struggling to stay in place over his house as the wind howled. Gasping for breath, he waved them off, and whispered,

“​My faith is strong! God will prevail.”

A​t this, the swirling water loosened his hold, carried him away, and closed over him.

T​he man found himself standing, drenched and dripping, before God in Heaven. He was annoyed.

“What happened there God? I kept my faith until the end and you never came!”

G​od sighed, and shaking his head in resignation said,

“​My son, I sent you two boats and a helicopter, what else did you want??”


T​here is more than a little truth in this story.

D​o you expect a bolt from Heaven to come and miraculously fix whatever is you’re going through? It can happen that way of course, but it is also possible that solutions come from what is already expressing in your life.

N​othing is static, nothing stays the same from moment to moment, everything is flowing, shifting energy and light taking form and going back to the Source of form. In physics, it has been seen that there is a particle that does not come into visible form until it is observed. Think about the amazing nature of that discovery!

L​ook around you in your life and shift your focus from,

“​What can I add to my life that will fix this…”


“​What is already in my environment that is alive with power that I do not even recognize.”

R​eally look.

B​ring all your spiritual study books that you love and put them in a stack. Open your eyes a slit, and see that light and power pulse and shine from these books. Ask your immortal soul to go and read all the wisdom in the books in a moment. Your Soul is entirely powerful to do that! Close your eyes and meditate quietly, seeing Divine wisdom pouring in to your consciousness. You can do this with any object, picture, flower, person or animal. Only in the highest beneficial consciousness of course, serious negative outcomes could come from misusing this action.

D​on’t name things. Once you name a thing it dies to the present moment, and becomes an artifact of the past. Just look. Don’t judge, don’t think, perceive at a high level the life energy that is within everything and everyone.

I​t is also not productive to have already decided how things should be. Sometimes it’s at the subconscious level, but many souls feel that a situation is fixed, set, basically unchangeable. People have a feeling that they know what is the best way to solve a problem, or that there can only be one way, and get angry and frustrated when nothing moves. When you open in stillness to the infinite possibility and effortless power of the Source, ideas may come to you that you would never have thought of in the mortal state of constant thinking.


T​rust that which is unlimited wisdom and possibility, and knows what to do and how to do it. Call it your own Immortal Soul, God, Divine, Tao, whatever resonates. Stop talking a thing to death and listen. Remember that it’s all an illusion anyway.

T​hat is all! I love you.”


These teachings are expressed through Kristin Strachan. Guan Yin Lineage holder, teacher, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, spiritual practitioner in Colorado. I am blessed past comprehension.

P​S, Master Zhi Gang Sha is one of those high level authentic beings who has Divine authority to offer light blessings. I encourage all to go to the website and have a look.