Some years ago I was presented with the analogy of spiritual journey, of life itself, as a tapestry.

I can’t remember who told the story, when, or where, but it has stuck with me, and I have offered it as a teaching often.

The story told the tale of a great tapestry master weaver, speaking to a young apprentice about the process of creating a tapestry.

He said,

There’s the question. What does your finished tapestry look like? If the weaver is unskilled, or careless, or allows her mind to wander, or is simply not committed to a beautiful creation, then there will be mistakes. Missed runs, errors, imbalance. Stop for a moment, close your eyes, and envision what your life will look like when the tapestry is turned around and you can view it in its entirety.

Yikes. In my own case there have been some rough spots, I’ve been careless with my body, my relationships. There has been divorce, conflict, accidents, sickness, lack of wisdom at all levels. There have been great awakenings, experiences of light and joy. I have been so blessed with a powerful and loving spiritual father and teacher, mother and grandmother-hood, wonderful animal friends, dear husband. Probably the foremost is a continuous and committed spiritual practice that assists me to stay aligned, with myself, with those whom I would serve, with God.

I believe that there is a golden thread that runs through it all that unites these experiences and brings harmony. For me this thread is an ongoing deep conviction that I am an expression of the Divine itself, that my life is the perfect life of the universe, and if my head goes underwater from time to time as I swim the waters of this journey it doesn’t matter.

My over-soul is always there, the light is always there. Like the sun that shines on and on, unperturbed by the clouds that cover the earth at times. The sun doesn’t care, doesn’t even recognize the clouds or their shadows, it just shines. It is the same with the Divine I do believe. It perceives our light and shines on us and in us, when we permit it.

I heard a great quote by a Jesuit theologian who said,

I agree, and yet don’t we mostly all believe that there’s something greater than we at the wheel? Do we not feel a living presence within us that is delicious? I believe that the love of the infinite intelligence of infinite universes is the life of my being. The overriding hand that guides the weaver, guides me too. I want to view my best possible tapestry, and do what I can do to bring it into being.

Kristin Strachan



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