Anyone who thinks what’s going on is a new thing is not reading their history. Disease, pandemic, ignorance, panic and creative thinking are as old as time itself. The Mother Earth has found ways to buck us off repeatedly, with spotty success. I have lifted this little historical treatise directly from the Health Essentials website, it is well written, concise, and conveys the essence of the concept of Thieves Oil, and what it is possible for it to do for you today.



Citrus limon


Cinnamomum verum


Eucalyptus globulus

Commercially produced Thieves oil varies in quality and price, and it pays to do your homework. It is possible to make it yourself of course, those early thieves certainly did. Herb wisdom is beautiful and powerful. Some people add different additional ingredients, but these are the basics.

For myself, I use it every day now. I irrigate and blow my nose first thing in the morning, wash my hands, and put a few drops of the oil all around my nose, upper lip, and up into my nostrils. Wash hands again. I also place about three drops into my container of tea to drink throughout the day. I also take the essential ingredient of Mucinex, Guaifenisen, every day. I may try the ears, temples, hands and feet approach with the oil as well. I have received many blessings of protection, and to strengthen my immunity from my spiritual teacher, master Zhi Gang Sha, and that gives me a great feeling of confidence. It’s incumbent on me to use all practical tools in the physical realm as well, to protect and heal myself so that I can be a light here on Mother Earth.

I hope this information is helpful to all of you! Love and Blessings to all.



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